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About Crypto Trivia

Welcome to the future of play-to-earn games!

CryptoTrivia is a metaverse-inspired online NFT game that combines what you love about gaming with the addictive thrill of collectibles. In this digital universe, you can test your knowledge and skills in a massive variety of questions on each topic. CryptoTrivia is an immersive digital experience transporting you to an entirely digital world. Are you ready?

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Token Sale

Crypto Trivia will be released on Binance smart chain platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges.

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  • Start

    April 2nd, 2022

  • End


  • Acceptable currencies


  • Number of tokens for presale

    1500000 (15%)

Distribution Of Tokens

Total Supply

Private Sale


Pre Sale


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$Ctrivia Tokenomics

(5% Tax on Buy, 10% Tax on Sell)
15% of Tax goes to Liquidity 20% of Tax goes to Marketing 40% of Tax goes to Development 25% of Tax goes to Buyback

Road Map 2022

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Elaborating concept and idea.

    Design our NFTs arts

    Create our website

  • ICO of our token

    Listing on Pancakeswap

    Launching of Play to earn (PVE mode)

    Listing CMC & CoinGecko

    Partnership with creators

    Pre Sale & Public Sale of NFTs

  • Launching our marketplace for our NFTs

    Launching of PVP

    Launching of our NFT rental system

    Partnership with learning platforms

    Creating external value to our NFTs

  • Expanding our game to people not familiar with NFTs and crypto

    Bringing Content Creator from outside our bubble to learn and join our world

    Launching of Tournaments

    Creating our learning platform to incentivize our players to develop themselves

NFTs comming soon


Our Team consist of top Developer in each and every Domain

  • Victor Wagner

    CEO (Serial entrepreneur, Investor in crypto since 2018)
  • Reggie

    CMO (Marketing manager with more than five years in startups)
  • Chris Cordeiro

    Graphic Designer (Experienced designer work for TNT Sports)
  • Tifoonn

    CFO (Economist specialist)
  • Meaf

    Community Manager (The sweetest person you will meet)

Frequently Asked Question

What is Crypto Trivia?

Crypto Trivia is a play to earn gaming Token. Token that has every feature and function it need to make it invulnerable and keep it in the uptrend. Also, we have a comprehensive team that has a person for everything we may need to our way to success. Thus, we have a very aggresive and logical marketing ideology, we are thinking big about our advertisements to make this project worldwide prominent.

How to Buy Crypto Trivia

Follow the steps to buy $CTRIVIA: (1)Create your Trust Wallet or Metamask. (2)Buy BNB/BUSD and send it to your wallet. (3)Go to the pancake swap Connect your wallet enter Crypto trivia address and sawp your BNB with $CTrivia token.

Who was Albert The Monkey

Albert was the first primate sent into space; in an incident on June 11, 1948, everyone believed he had died, but he had been hit by an energy wave that altered his DNA forever. His capsule landed in a small town in Brazil; as soon as he disembarked, he realized that his perception of the world had changed. He had become the most brilliant being in our universe. Over the years, he gradually passed on his knowledge to great minds who were his pupils: Robert Kahn, Vint Cerf, Narinder Singh Kapany, Tim Berners-Lee, Christiaan Barnard, among other important names. More recently, he joined the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. From there, he developed the concept of blockchain; near his death, he decided to create the CryptoTrivia project where everyone would be rewarded for their knowledge, and its various facets would be forever remembered in the form of NFTs.

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